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Introducing ‘Event Learning Subscription –ELS’

  • The accelerating education market has shifted from one-time, in-person, event-based learning to continuous real-time digital learning – anytime, anywhere
  • Subscription models are best suited to keep pace with Innovation Cycles – 12x cloud vs on-premises releases
  • Over 60% of Oracle’s Learners are now online, shifting at a rate of +10% annually
  • COVID and related restrictions have further pushed users to embrace online learning
  • We are evolving our partnership model to help you transition & scale your business in this new market reality.

ELS Features:

  • Oracle Expert Instruction Videos
  • Lab for Course Scheduled Once
  • eKit for Course available
  • Translations (Subtitles)
  • User Analytics
  • 90 Day Access
  • Up to 5 hrs of video learning

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