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On-Premise to Oracle Cloud

Transform your IT to cloud with a suite of proven advisory services and transformation accelerators, supported by certified consultants with unequalled on-premise to Oracle Cloud expertise and experience. Bring in a paradigm shift by making business strategy the key driver for ERP transformation in your organization with Global Value-Based Analytics.

We understand that implementation alone isn’t enough when it comes to on-premise to cloud transformations. Understanding your existing business processes, operations, success areas and pain points is just as essential.


E-Business Suite 12.1 & 12.2 support ends in 2021 and 2030 respectively

What Options E-Business Suite Customers Have?

  • Do nothing – Restricted on-premise support and no access to new features and functionalities
  • Upgrade to 12.2 – Added upgrade costs and ongoing maintenance costs owing to on-premise setup, change management, hardware & OS upgrade
  • Migrate to IaaS – Technical migration, doesn’t truly utilize the power of cloud applications that have embedded technological innovations for enabling connected, seamless processes
  • Move to the cloud – Embrace emerging technologies as they become more pervasive and critical, gain operational benefits like lower costs and agile systems

How The Cloud Can Help?

  • Keep up with the accelerating pace of innovation
  • Respond to market changes quickly
  • Reduce IT and infrastructure costs sizably
  • Regular technology updates
  • Highly scalable and secure
  • Increased flexibility & collaboration

Oracle Cloud – The Right Choice

  • Time to value – Shorter implementation projects for faster, more predictable returns on your strategic investment
  • New revenue models – Use the flexibility of cloud applications to quickly launch new products and services to market
  • Return to core competencies – Spend less time on running and maintaining technology and more time on your core business strategy
  • End-to-end processes – Fewer ‘swivel chair’ processes, involving entering data from one system to another. With a single data model, transactions go straight through the entire process without the need to re-enter data
  • Scalability to support growth – Oracle Cloud has been extensively tested for scalability, supporting organizations of all sizes – from SMBs to large enterprises
  • Future-proof – Oracle has a clear vision for the cloud and has been cited by customers to be one of their most strategic technology vendors. It is leading the way with ML, digital assistants, blockchain and other emerging technologies embedded in its apps.