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Oracle Cloud Managed Services

Going live with your Oracle Cloud Applications isn’t the end of the project, it’s the beginning.

Once Oracle Cloud is embedded into your organisation, the focus can then move to driving greater business efficiency and unlocking the true potential of your Oracle Cloud investment.

How do we do this?

  • By understanding your required business outcomes
  • By identifying inefficiencies, and
  • By designing a KPI-driven Managed Services model around your desired outcomes

At Global, we don’t JUST provide standard, keep the lights on services, we build our Next-Generation Managed Services around your business needs. In fact, in everything we do, be it implementation services, project rescue, and the like, we design our approach to be 100% Outcomes-driven!

Whether you’re just getting started with a migration to the Cloud or you’re evaluating transformational services to optimize SaaS or any other Cloud-based execution, experience tells us that a customized support model to optimize the operations of your business applications provides the greatest chance of reaching the outcomes you seek. This is where Global’ Oracle Cloud Managed Services comes in.

Others may want to force-fit a standard solutions model into your environment, often leaving you dissatisfied and feeling under-served. With Global Next-Generation Managed Services, we work with you to craft and build a solution that:

  • Is Future-ready, flexible and highly adaptive
  • Adopts a personal approach based on your current pain points, and
  • Draws on our experience to customize Managed Services solutions for your business

Others will measure the value of their services through just ticket volumes and closure rates. With Global Next-Generation Managed Services we go above and beyond that traditional approach by minimizing operational issues and maximizing the enhancements by:

  • Resolving root causes
  • Reducing ticket volumes

Redistributing the joint effort on getting more ROI

How Our Managed Service Solutions Have Helped Our Customers?

  • Assurance – availability of world-class 24/7, 365 days Support
  • Return on Investment – drive increased business outcomes that eventually give great returns on your Oracle Cloud investment
  • Cost Effectiveness – lower costs by taking informed decisions and implementing effective processes
  • Innovation – moving from merely ‘keeping the lights on’ to ways to achieving measurable business values
  • Proactive Change – availability of Value-Based Analytics that direct you towards relevant, real-time actionable
  • Self Sufficient – a ready access to dynamic knowledge bank that enables you to be self-sufficient and drive innovation
  • Tailored Services – designed to meet your specific business requirements and goals

What Support Does Managed Services Offer?

Whether you have completed your journey to the cloud or whether the time isn’t right for you to move to the Cloud, Global through its Oracle Managed Services does just that and more!

We serve as a single point of accountability for every aspect of your cloud journey — advisory, transformation and management services cover infrastructure, applications and operations. Global ensures a single point of escalation and provides specialized tools, processes and services for risk mitigation, security and compliance.