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Why Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX has been designed from the very beginning to help developers build modern, beautiful, responsive applications without the need to become specialized experts.

With Oracle APEX, you can easily build web applications with essentially no knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Oracle APEX is tightly integrated with Oracle Database and manages all of the processing associated with data manipulation in a database. If you have a basic understanding of SQL, you can build beautiful, responsive web applications very quickly. For data analysis, Oracle APEX is excellent, as it supports the full SQL language, which is the industry standard for data manipulation and aggregation. If you are familiar with HTML, CSS or JavaScript, you can also exploit your talents in Oracle APEX, to create highly customized UI's.

The mission of Oracle APEX is to empower developers to easily build compelling apps with superior functionality, performance, and end user experience. In order to deliver on this mission, Oracle APEX aims to eliminate the enormous complexities of developing and deploying enterprise apps. Here are a few reasons why choosing Oracle APEX makes sense for your next development project.

Oracle APEX is data-driven and development typically begins with a spreadsheet or data model. Applications are developed in a low-code browser-based environment where 98% of hand coding can be eliminated.

Oracle APEX works directly against data in database tables. Most middle-tier apps must define application data structures to hold, convert, interact and maintain data flow between the app to the database. This is a vastly underestimated source of complexity that Oracle APEX completely eliminates.

In addition, APEX eliminates the need and complexity of remote APIs for a large majority of use cases. It is not architected as distributed components, and remote calls to the database are eliminated.

Oracle Application Express Developer (APEX) Track

What you will learn:

  • Oracle Database 19c: Introduction to SQL
  • Oracle Database 19c: Program with PL/SQL
  • Oracle Application Express Workshop I
  • Oracle Application Express Workshop II


  • Global Academy (Oracle Approved Education Partner) certificate.
  • Oracle Accredited official training.
  • Oracle Soft Copy ekits.
  • Oracle Developer Software.
  • Highly Qualified Oracle consultants deliver the tracks.
  • Provide Oracle international exams with 25% Discount.
Round Date
July 2024
Night 4 Hours 2 Days a Week
144 Hours
Course Outline
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14000 EGP 12000 EGP

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